Douglas, WY – The Wyoming State Fair is delighted to announce the appointment of Jarrod Robles as the new Partnerships and Events Coordinator. With a rich background in policy development, project management, and community engagement, Jarrod is poised to bring a fresh perspective and innovative approach to this pivotal role.

Jarrod holds a degree in Political Science from Southern Illinois University, where he served as a Senator in the Undergraduate Student Government, actively shaping student policies and campus initiatives. His time at the university also included a significant role as a Policy Advisor Intern within the Office of Students Rights and Responsibilities. Here, Jarrod honed his skills in policy research, data collection, and drafting recommendations that enhanced campus life and safety, skills which align well with the needs of the Wyoming State Fair in fostering a safe and inclusive environment.

Beyond academia, Jarrod’s career is marked by a diverse set of experiences from serving in the United States Marine Corps to managing budgets and sponsorships for TEDxSIUC. His military training has instilled a strong sense of leadership and order, essential for orchestrating large-scale events and partnerships. As the Budget and Sponsor Manager for TEDxSIUC, Jarrod demonstrated his capability in securing sponsorships and managing finances, ensuring successful and impactful events.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Jarrod has worked as an Independent Contractor, where he gained valuable experience in project management, personnel supervision, and resource allocation. His practical skills in carpentry, metal fabrication, and emergency medical care further complement his role. 

Jarrod’s commitment to community service is evident from his extensive involvement in community outreach programs and his dedication to enhancing the educational and cultural offerings of the Wyoming State Fair. His goals include developing programs that foster education and enhancing relationships with sponsors and the local community.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to be here and have the privilege to work with such outstanding people. The warmth I have encountered here is like nowhere else, and I am excited to become a part of such graciousness and extend it across Wyoming and our neighboring states,” said Jarrod.

The Wyoming State Fair is excited to see Jarrod apply his extensive skills and passionate enthusiasm to enrich the fair’s offerings, ensuring memorable experiences for all attendees.