Charles Chesterfield

Howdy Folks! My name is Charles Chesterfield… But you can call me “Charlie”!

Charles Chesterfield is a new character brought to you from the creative mind of Trevor Watters. You can find Charlie moseying on down to a festival or fair near you with his Barrel O’ Fun. This classic presentation of magic and comedy will have you amazed and rolling on the ground laughing. With numerous awards backing his skill and entertainment, Charlie looks forward to entertaining the crowds of your event! So saddle up when you hear the old time saloon music because Charlie is about to give you a holler!

Delilah Davenport

Delilah Davenport is a fun new character strolling around entertaining crowds with her friendly flirty ways and optical illusions. With years of experience and awards behind her skirt, she will be sure to keep you entertained and dazzle you with her entertaining charm and wit! You can catch her along side Charles Chesterfield at any fair or festival near you! But watch out, as she may have a few tricks up her off shoulder sleeves.