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Audio Tour – Rabbit Tent

by Dennis Switzer-KKTY, Wyoming FFA, Wyoming State Fair | Everyday Ag

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Rabbit tent

Everyday Ag – Audio Tour

Rabbit Tent

Everyday Ag – Audio Tour

Welcome to the Wyoming State Fair Rabbit Tent!

Rabbits first began being bred in captivity in the Middle Ages, and since then have become important to several different industries. They are raised for a wide variety of purposes including meat, fur, wool, research, and pet stock. Wool and fur from rabbits are used in clothing and textiles–most commonly in things like hats, gloves, and coats. Their meat is lean, versatile, and nutritious, and while not very common in the US, rabbit meat is very popular in other parts of the world, particularly in Europe and Asia. In terms of research, rabbits are most commonly used for the production and research of antibodies. However, the most well-known use for these fluffy creatures is as a cuddly pet. 

Here at the State Fair, rabbits can be entered in a wide variety of shows, depending on what traits or purposes the exhibitor’s rabbit has. For the breed show, animals are presented and judged based on the standards of conformation and appearance of that particular breed. For showmanship, the exhibitor will present their animal to the judges, do a thorough health inspection on the rabbit, and then answer questions from the judges. Finally, for the fur show, the wool and fur quality of the animal will be judged on various standards. 

Cleanliness and the safety of the animals are very important, so as you look around you may see exhibitors grooming their animals, feeding them, cleaning their cages, and many other tasks necessary for the care of the rabbits. 

Thank you for joining us on the Everyday Ag Audio Tour at the Wyoming State Fair. Make sure to check out the other Everyday Ag installations throughout grounds. 


Wyoming State Fair Demolition Derby

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